Our Beans

At Shuswap Coffee company we roast only Arabica coffee beans. Most of our coffee is grown by women in Central/South America, in cooperatives called Cafe Femenino. They take great care in selecting only the best beans, which produce the most flavorful and aromatic coffees.

Arabica coffee is also known as 'mountain coffee'. It is planted at higher, cooler elevations, usually 1,000-2,000 feet above sea level. The higher elevation causes the coffee beans to grow more slowly, which accounts for the deep flavor and aroma. Beans grown at higher elevations are harder and better in quality, but they are also susceptible to frost, pests and disease, so the beans are harder to protect and harvest. The beans ripen at different times, so they must be hand-picked at intervals. This accounts, in part, for the higher price.

Robusta coffee beans are grown in a different environment which is less costly for growers, but also produces an inferior coffee bean. Even though Arabica coffee is more expensive than Robusta coffee, it is worth the price. Arabica coffee types taste and smell differently. Some smell like spices or nuts, while others have distinctive tastes. Arabica coffees have just the right level of acidity and flavour that makes a great cup of coffee. Here at Shuswap Coffee Company it's all about giving you great taste while helping to support communities here and in other countries.