• Buzz Lite - Decaf

    Rich, Smooth and Smoked

  • Xtreme Trailblazer

    Extremely Dark

  • Midnight Espresso

    Dark Beans, Medium Sweetness

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Our Mission

We have made it our mandate to help to ensure the long-term health of both the coffee communities and the environment in which the coffee is grown.

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Our Commitment

By supporting women coffee growers, we improve the quality of life in the entire community. These women take great pride in their production and we know that you will enjoy these unique coffees for their wonderful taste, as well as for the special story that underlies its production. Your purchase does make a difference. For more, visit www.cafefemenino.org.

Our Beans

At Shuswap Coffee Company, we exclusively roast premium Arabica beans, mostly cultivated by women in Central/South America through Cafe Femenino cooperatives.

Grown at higher elevations, Arabica's slower growth yields deep flavour and aroma, albeit with vulnerability to frost and pests. Hand-picked due to uneven ripening, Arabica's quality justifies its higher cost compared to Robusta. Our Arabica coffees offer diverse aromas and flavours, striking the perfect acidity-flavor balance. Enjoy great taste with us while supporting communities at home and abroad.

Certified Organic

Shuswap Coffee Company Ltd. is proudly certified organic by PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society), ensuring a 100% organic process from farm to roaster. We exclusively source Certified Organic Coffees, produced sustainably without synthetic fertilizers or harmful agrochemicals. Our commitment to organic goes beyond taste; it safeguards farmers, plants, soil, ecosystems, and water quality, creating a chemical-free environment for all.


Approximately 80 to 90 percent of coffee comes from small farmers who cultivate shade-grown bushes on one to three hectares of land. This means that most of the coffee we consume every day comes from very poor people with small farms.

Fairtrade is a response to the conventional trading system which has left small-scale coffee farmers disadvantaged, depressed and in a vicious cycle of poverty. The inability to access fair prices forces farmers off of the land; unable to feed and support their families with their coffee crop.