Certified Organic

Shuswap Coffee Company Ltd. is certified Organic and annually inspected by PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society) guaranteeing that we are 100% organic from farm to roaster. We buy ONLY Certified Organic Coffees.

Organic coffee is produced using sustainable practices, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other harmful agrochemicals. All stages of production are monitored for adherence to sustainable agricultural techniques and ecologically sound methods of processing. Yes, the end product (our coffee) is healthier and tastes better, but that isn't the entire reason for supporting organic production. The chemical-free environment protects the farmers from contamination and the plants from cellular damage. It sustains the soil, ecosystems, and water quality.

Swiss Water Process Decaf

We use only beans that are decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process, which is organically certified and 100% chemical-free. Most other processes use chemical solvents to decaffeinate their coffee beans. The Swiss Water Process uses only water.

More information on the Swiss Water Process can be found at www.swisswater.com

Shade Grown & Bird Friendly Coffee

All of our coffees are shade grown and bird friendly. Coffee plants love shade and flourish under the canopy of diverse tree species. The tree canopy protects the soil from erosion and provides a natural mulch for coffee plants, eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers and herbicides. The canopy also protects the animal species and migratory birds. The worst-case scenario is when rainforest shade canopy is clear-cut in order to plant hybrid technified coffee trees, which grow directly under sun and require heavy chemical input to force the coffee to produce. Nothing we want any part of.