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Okanagan Life Magazine

Fair Trade? Beyond the semantics of fair and ethical trade, Okanagan businesses put the concepts into practice

Okangan Life Magazine (December 2013)

...It may well come down to trust of international contacts and personal relationships. When you enter Salmon Arm’s Shuswap Coffee Company the aroma of the 300 pounds of beans, roasted daily by owner Tara Shantz and her husband Greg, is intoxicating. “We don’t have a personal relationship with our partners, but the company we buy our beans from, Organic Products Trading Company in Vancouver Washington, does,” says Tara. “They are the exclusive importer of Café Femenino coffee and founded the Café Femenino Project in 2004, a social program for women who grow, harvest and process their own high quality organic coffee.” Shuswap Coffee also sells organic Fair Trade coffee from other South American countries."

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Your Country News

Shuswap Coffee Company Fairtrades with Customers

Your Country News (September 2012)

Drink the world's favourite beverage, enjoy premium flavour, make a difference to a third world country and local families, and protect the rain forest. Buy locally roasted coffee from Shuswap Coffee - you may pay a bit more, 3 cents a cup, but you will drink great coffee and feel better doing it.

Shuswap Coffee Company belongs to the PAC program that provides efficient, cost effective, internationally recognized organic certification. This ensures that the coffee is organically grown. Without this label the coffee may or may not be organic. All of the coffee that the company buys is Fairtrade coffee, which promotes healthier working conditions and fair prices to the farmers. The company also pays a higher price for coffee beans grown by women all over central/south America in cooperatives called Café Feminino. The coffee beans are hand picked multiple times to ensure that all beans are mature and at their best, unlike coffee plantations where all beans are mechanically harvested at a single picking. The harvesting practice of small farmers protects the rain forest and is sustainable.

With the money these cooperatives receive the women are able to select programs and projects that enhance the lives of families in their communities. Shuswap Coffee has signed a contract with Café Feminino to pay 2% of their profits to local charitable groups such as Salmon Arm Women's shelter, Kindale, Salvation Army and many others.

The Shuswap Coffee Company has many customers all over Canada and has shipped coffee to Italy, Switzerland and Iceland. No other coffee will do for these devoted customers.

Give it a try; it's worth the few extra cents you pay per cup. You get premium coffee, which is 100% Organic and Fairtrade. Your purchase will support better prices and wages for farmers and their families in poor countries, support sustainable farming, help preserve precious rain forests and support local charities. What could be better that that!

Okanagan Life Magazine

Java Story No Jive

Okangan Life Magazine (May 2011)

Shuswap Coffee Company in Salmon Arm looks like any other small business housed in a non-descript industrial mall. But behind their doors is a remarkable story. Seventy-five per cent of the coffee beans they use are grown exclusively by women in the poorest regions of the coffee growing world. But as impoverished as these growers are, they are giving back to women right here...

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