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  • The coffee industry provides more than 20 million jobs.
  • Next to oil, coffee is the second largest commodity in the world.
  • If ALL of the coffee in the world was fairly traded and organically grown, just think of the positive impact it would have on the environment and on the people.
  • Coffee cherries were used as a food before the process of drying, roasting, and brewing came to be.
  • All coffee is grown within 1,000 square miles of the equator.
  • Coffee is the most labour-intensive product on the market. There are 400 farmer hours invested in one 150-pound bag of green beans, which will be 120 pounds of roasted coffee.
  • For 1 lb. of coffee, it takes around 2,000 handpicked Arabica coffee cherries. With two beans per cherry, this means around 4,000 beans are in a single pound of coffee.
  • Coffee cherries do not ripen uniformly. The same branch may display ripe red berries, unripe green berries and overripe black berries. Conscientious pickers select only the ripe berries.
  • A mature coffee tree will produce one pound of coffee per growing season.
  • Coffee beans lose between 15% and 20% of their weight while being roasted. Dark roasts have less caffeine, while light roasts are more acidic.
  • The aromas in coffee develop at the tenth minute of roasting.
  • Coffee beans are best kept in an airtight container and ground just prior to brewing. It is best to buy only what you need for a week at a time.
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