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Brewing 101

Shuswap Coffee Beans Shuswap Coffee Beans Shuswap Coffee Beans Shuswap Coffee Beans

1. Start Fresh!

Start with freshly roasted whole bean coffee and grind as you need it...about as coarse as sand. Basic coffee grinders are affordable and cost less than 20 dollars. THIS PART IS SO IMPORTANT!! Grind for your brewing system. To avoid bitterness, don't over grind.

2. Use Good Water

Coffee is 99% water...need we say more? Filtered or mineral water works great, but not distilled or chlorinated water.

3. Measure Your Coffee

Use 2 tablespoons of coffee to every 10oz. of water. (For simplicity, measure your whole beans, then you won't have to measure once it's ground). Adjust amount for your taste and you'll know exactly what YOU like!

4. Brew Your Coffee

Brew with water "just off the boil" if using a French Press or pour over cone filter (bring to a boil, then wait until it is no longer bubbling). Auto-Drip brewers without burners are better, but you can otherwise just be diligent about turning off the coffee once the brewing cycle has completed.

5. Enjoy Your Coffee

It is best shared with a friend or when you just need a moment to pause and savour all that is good before rushing into your day.

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